Episode 42: Unleashing Your Inner Potential: A Journey to Triumph and Transformation

Join the dynamic host Natalie Guzman in a captivating episode of the Virtual Antics Podcast, as she sits down for an inspiring conversation with the remarkable Sabine, a true force of nature. Known for her transformative journey from adversity to triumph, Sabine brings a wealth of insights from her roles as a serial entrepreneur and a resilient single mother of twins.

In this episode we will talk about:

  • Sabine's life story is a testament to the power of clarity and mindset.

  • Transformative strategy, emphasizing how clarity, coupled with the right mindset, can fuel extraordinary achievements.

  • Tools for breaking through the plateaus that hinder progress, equipping you with the mindset and clarity needed to unleash your true potential.





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Meet Sabine!

Transforms women from burned out to balanced, beautiful, and abundant through her 7 Pillars of Abundance. Mentors burned out women to leave toxic relationships and magnetize their soul mate at any stage of life. Creator of the 6 Figure Side Hustle program helping women to exit from unfulfilling jobs to a profitable purpose. Bestselling author of 3 books on business mindset & award winning Host of the Balanced, Beautiful & Abundant podcast. Rated #1 Life Coach & Empowered Woman of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals. Newlywed who manifested her soulmate, living happily ever after in Venice, California with their black lab-Indigo.

Embracing Abundance: A Heart-to-Heart with Rebecca Whitman

Natalie Guzman: Welcome to the virtual antics, your go to podcast for digital entrepreneurs, powered by Nadora.Org and NG virtual assistant. We're here to guide you through every aspect of business from networking to lead generation. And so much more get ready to thrive in the virtual world with expert.Welcome back to the virtual antics podcast. As always, I'm your host, Natalie Guzman. Today I have the fantastic Rebecca Whitman on today. I'm so excited for you guys to hear from her. She is known as the magnetic abundance mentor. She graduated with honors. from Princeton University, and she is the author of international best selling books, Phenomenal Feminine Entrepreneurs business life universe and how to make a six figure income working part time. Welcome, Rebecca.

Rebecca Whitman:
Thanks, Natalie. It's great to be here. 

Natalie Guzman: I'm so happy to have you here. So you can tell us a little bit about what you do. I love that you're called the Magnetic  Abundance Mentor. That's such a cool title.

Rebecca Whitman:  Thank you.
So I, a little bit about my backstory. I moved to LA 22 years ago to be an actress. So I was shocked that last year I won life coach of the year. I was never planning to be a life coach. I was doing really small acting parts on really big shows like friends, CSI 24. And to support myself, I was working at kids acting schools.And while the kids were at school, I would study the law of attraction with great spiritual teachers, like Michael Beckwith, Abraham Hicks, Louise. Hey, and I started applying it to my job at the kids acting school. And before I knew it, I was making six figures. Then I tried to apply it to my love life. It wasn't a successful, I ended up, uh.Going through a divorce. And as I was going through a divorce, my dad was dying. And in one of our last conversations, he asked me to write a book. I had no idea what I was going to write about. And a few months later, I was sitting in my financial planner's office. And he said, I'm noticing that you lost your dad in your marriage, yet you come in here, your energy's good.And you're actually having your best financial year ever. You're a self made millionaire this year with your investments. And I think you should teach people what you Did. So I looked at my life and I divided it into seven key areas, which I call my seven pillars of abundance. And when my life is aligned in those seven key areas, I can be more resilient and I can be, do or have anything I want.

Now I'm married to my soulmate. I have a coaching business that empowers people to go from burned out to balance, beautiful and abundant. And I call myself the magnetic abundance mentor. 

Natalie Guzman:  That is amazing. Wow. What a story. That is absolutely awesome. So that you were able to recognize. So what are these seven pillars that you kind of sectioned your life into?

Rebecca Whitman:  Yeah, they are spirituality, fitness, emotions, romance. Mindset, social and financial.

Natalie Guzman: I love that because I'm a huge believer in that. If we create, you know, our goals and we actually write them down, then we write all the steps that we get to there. We can accomplish those things, but without actually defining what we want to improve at, we can't.We can't prove at it. We don't know. We're just flying blind, right?

 So I think that's, that's like someone trying to run a race and never looking at the map, right. Of where to go, um, up that mountain. And so I think that's really, really powerful now. What you work with clients, your life coach. So what kind of, um, do you have a special speciality or type of client that you work with the best?

Rebecca Whitman:  Yeah, I have two programs that are my signature program. One is creating a six figure side hustle. I help people either create an additional income stream or an exit strategy so they can leave a job that they don't like. And the second one is I teach women to manifest their soulmate in midlife in seven simple steps.
So those are my two signature programs. And I really think love and money are the most important things to lead a happy life. So it's really rewarding helping. I mostly work with women, uh, achieve major results in those two areas. 

Natalie Guzman: Yeah. And now you're saying, so I love that you've focused on two because at first I was like, man, seven, seven areas, that seems like a lie, overwhelming. So with your clients, you usually start with like one to two areas for them to focus on. 

Rebecca Whitman:  Well, I teach that all seven areas are, are connected. They're like spokes of a bicycle wheel. So I have, uh, just a general overview of life where I want to make sure that they are touching all seven areas all week, not all day.That would be way too busy. Uh, for example, spirituality, that's part of my morning practice. I do that every single day. Uh, the second thing is fitness. I do that five or six days a week. Emotions. That's just a constant discipline to go from scarcity or not enough thinking to abundance. There's more than enough money.

There's more than enough love. There's more than enough energy to do what I need to do. Uh, the next thing is romance and romance affects all the other areas. That's why I'm so passionate about people. Leaving the relationships that no longer serve them. There's no such thing as a neutral partner. They're either lifting you up or they're draining you energetically.Uh, the next area is mental and people can do mindset work and the nooks and crannies of their day, like listening to your wonderful podcast. Listening to audible, listening to YouTube, they can take a class on zoom. It's just so easy now to expand and grow your mind. Uh, the next area is social. I try to schedule one social visit a week with a friend at least.

Uh, but I always try to get one in and then finally financial. And I don't believe you should work more than 10 hours a day. I think that leads to burnout. So I'm all about structuring your time and doing what I like to call power hours, very concentrated blocks of time where you are super focused on one activity.


Natalie Guzman:  I love that. I actually just started recently closing out all my tabs on my computer screen because I read that helps with, you know, really focusing on one thing. So you're not looking at that time and be like, Oh, I got to do that. Or I got to do that later. And it actually has improved my productivity, which is really cool.Um, what would you say to a client that says, Well, I know I need to focus on all these, but I have absolutely no time in my schedule. 

Rebecca Whitman: I would say just do them. Uh, Not like, Oh, I got to do my spirituality. Just make it a habit. And if you make these things habits, like having a morning practice, I actually have a really amazing journal that with your permission, I'd love to give to your listeners.And it's something that I've been doing every morning for 30 years. And I don't even think about it. Like I did it right before this podcast, I do it every morning, no matter what. Some people do it in the evening. I would say just make the seven pillars a practice. And these are the areas of your life, whether you acknowledge them or not.These are the areas of life. And it's just being aware that you want to touch all these. seven areas in a week, because if you just get hyper focused on one area, then you are going to live a life that is out of alignment.

Let's say that you're just hyper focused on money and you work 60 to 80 hours a week.Well, that's going to lead to burnout and that could leave lead to sickness and even death. Um, or if you're just so focused on the gym and getting that perfect body that you don't have time for any relationships and you can't even go to like a birthday party because the food isn't perfect or whatever, like you don't want to be hyper focused on just one area.You want to have. A holistic, beautiful life and in touch on all areas. I'm not saying that if you're in a business building phase, that your main focus isn't something like my main focus right now is my finance because I'm building my coaching business. So that is an area that I probably spend more hours a week on than the other ones, but that doesn't mean that I'm not aware that I want to do.

My health and fitness goals and socialize and have a date night with my husband once a week and all the other things is I don't really like the word balance as much as harmony. If you think of these seven areas of life as musical instruments, you want to have a symphony. You want a harmonious life where every instrument gets to be heard.

Natalie Guzman:  Oh, I love that. That's beautiful. I think that's so true. You're not, I'm always focused on one area. Like I think this week it's been more at family and home life and last week was definitely more work. Um, so that's really interesting. How can we know if we're out of alignment in one of the pillars? What are some signs?

Rebecca Whitman:  Yeah, well, you can take a free quiz on my website. There's actually a free quiz to see if you're in or out of alignment and you get instant results. You'll know right away.

Um, or, I mean, I think you'll just know when you hear these seven areas in this podcast today, and you're like, Oh yeah, I haven't gone to the gym in six months.I'm out of alignment and fitness, or I haven't had a date in five years. I'm, you know, my heart is broken and I'm healing and I haven't been able to like, Bring myself to go on a date or you think, Oh, I need to lose five or 10 pounds before I'm ready to date, which you don't, you're perfect. Just the way you are.Um, so you, I think, you know, intuitively you haven't like gone to a party or socialize with a friend in a while because you've been so hyper focused on your kids. Everybody needs grownup time and, uh, girl time or boy time, whatever. So yeah, I think you'll know intuitively when you hear these seven areas where you are.Neglecting your, your efforts.

Natalie Guzman: just saying, and then take date nights, for example, right? I'm a huge believer in date nights, but sometimes we don't have time during the week, even though we make as much effort as we can. And said, my, my kids keep telling us we go on dates all the time because we started calling, um, when they go to bed, we watch TV in the living room together.And they call that our date night. 

Rebecca Whitman: Oh boy. Yeah.

Natalie Guzman:
So do you think date nights, do they have to like reach a certain level or any of these steps, or do you think they can just be as simple as just taking the time together out of your schedule, um, to improve the relationship? 

Rebecca Whitman:  I think a date night should be no kids.I think no phones, no TV, uh, whether it's just taking a walk in the neighborhood and like, okay, we don't have a lot of time this week to go to a restaurant or maybe we're on a budget and we don't want to spend a hundred bucks on dinner, but we're going to go to a wa on a walk and connect and be present.

And I think at least one date night a week is very important for long term relationships because people get so caught up in their jobs and their kids and all the other stuff that keeps us so busy that they lose track of each other and you don't want to grow apart. And everything, all these seven areas, they do need attention or they will go down.I like to rate them on a scale of one to 10. So that might be a nice assignment for the people who are listening. Look at these seven areas and rank them on a scale of one to 10. And there's always room for improvement. And you can ask yourself, What actions would I need to do to get this to a level 10?And I think we all know what we need to do to get each of these areas to a level 10. And then you might want to hire a coach like myself or Natalie or someone else that can hold you accountable to get that to a level 10, because We all know what we need to do, but a lot of us don't have the motivation or accountability to do it.And I actually have a free women's circle every Tuesday at 12 Pacific three Eastern, and it's for accountability community and free coaching from me. So you guys are all welcome to attend that. Um, all the stuff that I'm sharing will be in my link tree link, uh, that Natalie can share in the show notes.

Natalie Guzman: Perfect. Yes, I'll make sure I put that there. Um, and is there anything, um, last closing thoughts or anything else that you want to mention to our listeners? 

Rebecca Whitman: I know that a lot of your listeners are business owners, they're entrepreneurs. They are looking to systematize their life through having software and systems and assistance, and I think that is so great.I, I would just encourage you guys to stay in your zone of genius because when I was starting my business, I was like taking every course on ClickFunnels, on Facebook ads, on pixel, Facebook pixels, on all this stuff. And it made me so frustrated because that's not how my brain thinks and now I just delegate it all and there's no point in racking your brain to do something that is not fun, I think.When you are in joy, you are magnetic. That's why I call myself the Magnetic Abundance Mentor. People want to do business, people want to be around, people want to be in relationships with people that are in joy. That's what makes you magnetic. So if you could delegate all those things that are not joyous to you, to an assistant, I highly recommend that.

I like the three D's either do it, delegated or ditch it and just streamline your life and your business so that you have time to live into all these seven areas of abundance and live the most fulfilling life that you can. 

Natalie Guzman: That is amazing. Perfect closing to it too. And I love the 3D. So that is amazing.I'm definitely going to have to, I'm going to have to take some notes of that one, but awesome. Well, thank you so much for coming on the show. It's been a blast. I know I learned a lot. I'll put all those links into the show notes and we'll see you guys next time. 

Rebecca Whitman:  Thanks, Natalie. Bye everyone.

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Daily Journal Practice: Journaling 101

You can connect this to WordPress to load recent blog posts OR use this area to highlight top or favorite episodes from the show.

Daily Journal Practice: Journaling 101

You can connect this to WordPress to load recent blog posts OR use this area to highlight top or favorite episodes from the show.

Daily Journal Practice: Journaling 101

You can connect this to WordPress to load recent blog posts OR use this area to highlight top or favorite episodes from the show.



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